Nova 2000 - Terrible service, took money, did not finish job

Calgary, Alberta 0 comments

Nova 2000 (Jeff) told me that he took this job because he was desperate for money...Had only one staff member to complete all jobs...told me that the other client’s job was worth more so was a priority...took 11 days to complete what he verbally said would be done in 4 consecutive days.....Cost my carpenter 3 days of lost time...Did not bother to call me when his employee was going to be late 7 hours late, two days in a row...Did not bother to tell me that they forgot Friday was a holiday and nobody would be by....Did not come to review or fix the final product...Did not reply to my phone, text, emails until I called from a friends phone...Hung up on me when I said I was going to report him to BBB...His staff cut the wires on my stairwell light right at the ceramic ‘bulb holder’ so that my stairwell light does not have long enough wires to reconnect...Did a poor job of covering items so I had to clean areas that could have just been covered...Poured his drywall slur down my new garburator...left my ceiling with ripples and waves. Did a terrible job.

Review about: Drywall Mudding.

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